My wife and I have both gone through the process of a Trust Deed and we are only waiting for the discharge to complete. What a relief!

We initially went to four debt management and insolvency companies in Scotland and sat through the painstaking process over four days. We were confronted with confusion, inexperience and no result. In particular, the threat of the loss of our family home was continually highlighted through this experience.

It is worth bearing in mind that most of the debt management companies in Scotland with high profile advertising are commission based and they are not the leading agent as they pass you to profit based insolvency companies.
Finally, we found David Tannock at WB Debtcare.

What a relief, David was the most helpful and experienced, understanding and compassionate consultant we encountered. He explained the process in a language which we could understand, he answered all our questions without referring to notes or other colleagues.

The fear and stress was considerably reduced after just our first meeting.

From that point on, and over the period of the Trust Deed, David Tannock and WB Debtcare, have given us no cause for concern through their efficiency, expertise, personal attention and courteous manner.

It would have been easy to accept the first company who made it possible for us to survive through our debt crises given the immense stress we were under, but we are so glad we continued our search. The payments and outcome suddenly became achievable following our meeting with David.

We have nothing but praise for David and the WB Debtcare team.

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